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First time on Git and BitBucket just a quick way to note this stuff down:

First create the repo in BitBucket (this example is called SundryScripts. Then go to the terminal and create the repo:

mkdir New_Repo
cd New_Repo
git init

Next, in that directory hook up the local repo to the repo in bitbucket over ssh:

git remote add origin ssh:[email protected]/username/sundry-scripts.git

Perform a test add README file:

echo "# Michael Andreacchio - Various hacky scripts used from time to time" >>
git add
git commit -m "First Commit. Adding a README file."

Lastly push it to the origin as configured above, don't forget to set up ssh keys

git push -u origin master

If required fix some of the config up, incase there's problems with email address etc...

git config --global [email protected]
git commit --amend --reset-author

Create a branch

git branch new_branch
git checkout new_branch

Merge the branch with Master

git checkout master
git merge new_branch